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Why not come and stay in one of the bed & breakfasts of Megève?
You’re guaranteed an enjoyable and personalised stay, with a warm welcome. Meet the friendly hosts and share with them some wonderful moments and great food.
The bed & breakfasts in Megève are cosy little establishments, with unmatched charm and unique authenticity.

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Megève in the 4 seasons

A small selection of activities that are available all year round in Megève

Something tells us that if you are interested in staying at a bed & breakfast, it’s because you like to experience the life of the locals when you travel. So to really plunge you into local life in Megève, here’s a selection of activities that are available all year round here! Because even if Megève is well-known mainly as a winter sports resort, it has so much more on offer, all year round.

Gastronomy, sport, nature, art… Throughout the seasons, come and see what Megève has to offer and rediscover this destination in any season! Whenever you choose to come here, you’ll have a wide range of activities to choose from, and you’ll be enchanted by Megève in all seasons. Browse our little selection of activities that are available all year round, and try something new in Megève.

Activity n°1: Go to the market
Enjoy the market in Megève all year round. Every Friday morning, fill your basket with seasonal products and local specialities: fruit and vegetables, cheese, honey, jams, meat, fish and so much more. So many ideas and flavours to bring your dishes and your tastebuds to life!

Activity n°2: Go on a horse and carriage tour
A ride on a horse-drawn carriage is a must while you’re in Megève! Explore Megève and the surrounding area, to the sound of the tinkling bells. You’ll see some typical hamlets, superb landscapes and the charm of the past… Under a blanket in the winter or at dusk on a summer’s evening, the carriages of Megève are available all year round, providing a dreamlike experience for the whole family!

Activity n°3: Go hiking
There are so many reasons why you should go on a hiking trip here: it’s easily accessible, revitalising and excellent for both the body and mind. It’s actually one of our favourite things to do here in Megève. And who said hiking was only possible in the summer?
There are so many things to see and do in the natural environment! In Megève, you can go hiking all year round.
> In the spring, watch as nature wakes up from the long winter. Mountain flowers take over the pastures and wild animals start appearing.
> In the summer, head to the lakes, mountain passes and peaks of the Alps!
> In the autumn, it’s time to go hunting for mushrooms. Shh! The best places to look are one of the best-kept secrets in Megève!
> In the winter, get your skis out and enjoy the freshly-fallen, immaculate snow on a ski-touring outing.

Activity n°4: Relax at a spa resort
For the ultimate relaxation and wellness in the mountains, go to the Balnéoforme du Palais complex! There’s a pool area, gooseneck water jets, a lazy river, massage beds, sauna and Turkish bath. Come and see for yourself this indoor/outdoor place for relaxation and pure enjoyment, open all year round in Megève.
Other activities available at the Palais: Climbing, fitness, ice rink, etc. To find out more click here.

Activity n°5: Enjoy a delicious fondue savoyarde
The ultimate dish to share with friends or family! This dish is so delicious that it would be a shame to only enjoy it in the winter, wouldn’t it? Indoors or outdoors, after a great day skiing or exploring the Alpine pastures, a traditional fondue is always a good idea!
To enjoy a Fondue Savoyarde here, you have two options:
> Go to one of the traditional restaurants of Megève
> Go to the Coopérative Fruitière du Val d’Arly and then make your own fondue at home or in your rental accommodation!

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