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From a small traditional hotel to a chic 5-star establishment, find the perfect hotel for you in Megève.

With twenty-six hotels nestled in a preserved natural environment, Megève is the ideal destination for a holiday that combines the charm and authenticity of a mountain village, with comfort and ultimate relaxation. In an intimate and inviting atmosphere, for an elegant and timeless experience, a true reflection of Megève. To find out about all the hotels in Megève, click on the images below!
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Authentic & Forward-Thinking

The transformation of the hotel business in the mountains

Did you know?
The very first mountain hotel that combined authenticity with modern comforts was created right here in Megève!
It’s true that over the past decades, luxury hotels with a mountain chalet-like atmosphere have flourished across the Alps, but the concept was completely unknown until the official opening of the Fermes de Marie*****, in 1989, by the Maisons et Hôtels Sibuet group.

 © Les Fermes de Marie

What a story
Jocelyne and Jean-Louis Sibuet’s intention was to “create a different kind of establishment that is intimate yet authentic, warm and inviting, where guests would feel at home”. To bring this to life, the couple had an idea: recreate an authentic hamlet of Savoy with farms and chalets made using old wood from the region – right here in Megève!

And so the adventure begins!
For five years, Jean-Louis travelled around the region looking for chalets and old farmhouses to demolish so he could rebuild them on land bought from a farmer from Megève. At the same time, Jocelyne Sibuet searched for traditional furniture and decorative objects. This was a huge job and in the space of a few years, the couple managed to find more than two thousand pieces for their collection!

 © Les Fermes de Marie

 © Les Fermes de Marie

And the magic happened
As soon as the hotel opened, it was a huge success: It was a comfortable, cosy, elegant and chic place. Everything was designed to recreate the “art-de-vivre” of the mountains, down to the very last detail. While ensuring tradition, authenticity and simplicity, Les Fermes was able to create an exclusive, elegant and chic atmosphere. This hotel created its very own brand-new, unique genre.

An institution
Today, the “art-de-vivre” of the mountains is celebrated all over the world and the concept is still very much alive. The Sibuet group is an institution for Megève, an important page in the history of the village, that continues to be written day after day.