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Are you looking for a simple getaway this summer? Come on a camping trip to Megève!
Whether you’re with friends, family or alone, here you’ll find all the information you need for camping or coming to Megève with your motorhome.

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A campsite to suit your needs

When we ask campers what they like about camping, this is what they say: the absence of restrictions, living outdoors, getting close to nature, simplicity. Simply put, camping is all about freedom!

However, there are different sorts of camping.
As a family, alone, up in the mountains or on a natural camping ground, in a camper van or a motorhome… There are so many different ways to experience camping, depending on your tastes and needs! All you have to do is figure out what kind of camper you are… Here’s some information about the different types of campsite or open-air accommodation!

Traditional camping – For families
This is the most popular type of camping, perfect for families and people who would like to spend time in the great outdoors, while still enjoying some basic comforts! Affordable prices, a warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly setting, traditional camping is the ideal solution for a simple, easy and successful holiday.

Bivouac – For adventurers
This is a real adventure. Under the starry sky or in a tent, bivouac (or wild camping) is undoubtedly the best way to completely disconnect from everyday life! Being outdoors from morning to night, seeing the sunrise over the mountains, enjoying being all alone in the world… A magical and precious moment between only the mountains and you! In France, wild camping is allowed anywhere where it is not forbidden. Make sure you find out before planning your camping trip.

Camper vans and motorhomes – For road trippers
Travelling from mountain to mountain in your very own comfortable cocoon: the dream! A camper van or motorhome is ideal for campers who like to be flexible and explore new places as and when they feel like it, while keeping their little home comforts at all times! On the road again.

5 good reasons to go camping in Megève

Have you decided what sort of open-air accommodation suits you? Now, you need to choose your destination! Here are 5 good reasons to come to Megève for your summer camping holiday this year!

A destination that is easy to get to
It has never been easier to get to the mountains! Megève is only 1 hour from Geneva airport, 20 minutes from Sallanches SNCF train station, 1 hour from Annecy and 2 hours from Lyon.

The perfect altitude
Megève is ideally located at an altitude of 1,113 and 2,350 metres, making it the perfect mountain destination so you won’t be too cold or too hot!

The best base camp in Haute-Savoie
Megève is the perfect base camp to explore the Mont-Blanc, Aravis, the Haut-Giffre and Beaufortain mountains, without having to travel too far!

A preserved natural environment
Megève is nestled between three mountains with gentle slopes, offering a rich and preserved natural environment with pine forests, sunny plateaus, green pastures and panoramic peaks overlooking Mont-Blanc (among others).

A wide range of activities
Whatever you feel like doing, or whatever the weather, you’ll always find something interesting to do in Megève! Explore a mountain of outdoor, indoor, aerial, aquatic and cultural activities.

Camping essentials

Have we convinced you? Excellent! All you have to do now to prepare for your camping trip in Megève, is pack your bags. Here is a list of the essentials for a camping trip with a tent!

Camper’s checklist
– Tent, mallet, tent pegs
– Sleeping mat or inflatable mattress
– Sleeping bag / duvet
– Pillow
– Torch (with spare batteries)
– Swiss army knife
– Lighter or matches
– Stove
– Camping pots and pans
– First aid kit
– Toiletries bag and towel
– Washing line
– Camping furniture
– Your hiking guide for Megève!