Aerial activities

Reach for the peaks

Take to the skies in Megève!
Fly over the breath-taking landscapes, for an unforgettable experience.
In a hot-air balloon, paragliding, freefall, on a plane or helicopter, come and find out about all the aerial activities on offer in Megève, and get ready for a brand-new experience!

A relaxing or thrilling ride?

Aerial activities are particularly fascinating because they are not very common. For some people, these activities go hand-in-hand with magnificent landscapes and magical views. For others, they represent an opportunity to fight your fears, push your limits and defy the laws of gravity. What about you? Are you more interested in a relaxing or thrilling experience? Or maybe a combination of the two…


Head into the clouds, way above the mountains, let the cool breeze carry you higher and wonder at the sheer beauty of the Alpine landscapes: if you would like to glide peacefully over the mountain peaks, come and discover these activities.


Do you like a new challenge and you’re always looking for new thrills to experience in an exceptional setting? If the answer is yes, this is the section for you! Read on to find out about the thrilling aerial activities on offer!


In Megève anything is possible, so why not choose a thrilling experience where you can also admire the superb landscapes! Take a look at the following sections.

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