Indoor activities

Indoor sports and leisure activities

Who said there’s nothing to do in the mountains when it rains?
Megève has the biggest sports complex in the Alps, meaning it is an all-year-round destination with a mountain of activities on offer for visitors, whatever the season and whatever the weather!
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The Palais de Megève

A sustainable complex
To minimise its impact on the environment, the Palais is constantly innovating and introducing innovative measures to create its own energy sources.
– A hydroelectric turbine is used for heating and air-conditioning in the media library.
– The heat from the ice rink’s refrigeration units is used to heat the water in the swimming pools, the gymnasium and the indoor tennis courts.
– 68 m² of thermal solar panels produce hot water for sanitary facilities in the media library and for the ice resurfacing machine at the ice rink.
– 32 m² of photovoltaic panels generate the electric current that is directly used by the Palais.

A favourite venue for sportsmen and women, and so much more besides!
The Palais also provides some fantastic concert venues for Megève Jazz Festival, the “Halles Gourmandes” for the Toquicimes gastronomy event, brutal ice hockey matches in the winter, business meetings, international art exhibitions, a kids club with “Billy Bosteau” area, and so much more. As you can see, the Palais de Megève is much more than just a sports complex. It is a place to meet up, share experiences, and have some fun, for visitors and locals alike!

The biggest sports complex in the Alps
The Palais is an unmissable venue for sports and cultural activities in Megève, making the village a hotspot for sports and wellness for over half a century now. From the 1950s to today, the sports complex has been developing and innovating, to anticipate the very latest in the sports and cultural worlds. Today, the Palais offers a wide range of sports and cultural activities, as well as sports tourism. With a surface area of 30,000m², it is the biggest sports complex in the Alps.

Spoilt for choice
With more than 10 different areas (fitness, aquatic, ice, climbing, rackets, etc.) and organised activities for adults, children and families, you’ll be spoilt for choice for new activities to try out in Megève!

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