Outdoor activities

A breath of fresh air

In Megève, the endless wide-open spaces are just waiting to welcome you.
Live for the great outdoors, follow your desires, explore new landscapes…
Whether you are with family, friends or alone, come and discover a wide range of Outdoor activities, for a revitalising stay, accessible to all!
Trail running, hiking, mountain biking, cycling, climbing, golf and so much more.
Just breathe, you’re in Megève.

The Friluftsliv experience!

No, it’s not a spelling mistake! Friluftsliv is a Norwegian term that means the art of reconnecting with nature. It is pronounced free-loofts-liv, and literally means “Living in fresh air”.

Live outdoors 
Breathe in the pure mountain air, discover the surprising scents of the forest, listen to the rushing waters of the rivers… Do you recall this feeling of ultimate freedom? It is high time to get some fresh air! Live outdoors, burn off some energy, reconnect with nature, learn from nature and respect it… That’s what Friluftsliv is all about.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to Norway to connect with nature! In Megève, our beautiful mountains have all the wild valleys, sunny pastures and enchanting forests you’ll need.

The mountain, a source of happiness
An experience in the great outdoors is good for the body and mind. Have you ever noticed how relaxed you feel after a simple walk through the forest? That’s because the mountain is full of little miracles! It comes with so many benefits, it reduces stress levels, liberates creativity, tones the body and gives the immune system a boost.
Vive le Friluftsliv!

Are you convinced?
Discover all our outdoor activities.
In Megève, the wide-open spaces are just waiting to welcome you. Come and experience the benefits of the mountain for yourself! Whether you go for hiking, trail running, mountain biking or climbing, the mountains of Megève have activities that are accessible to all, whatever your age, level of fitness or ability. Megève is the ideal destination for an adventure and to discover new outdoor activities, quite simply!

“Freedom is a state of mind”

Paul Valéry

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