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Megève Explor Games® : Les sources de la déesse oubliée

‘Searching for the lost goddess’, an adventure game for the whole family.
App available to download for free. Route around the Calvaire and Creux Saint-Jean area that takes approximately 1hr 30mins.
Start in front of the Tourist Office.

But for a while now, some of the village elders have felt a sense of foreboding. Water sources are drying up, paths have been diverted, rocks are rumbling and trees are dying… It is as if the mountain wants to become a hostile place once again…

Two local children, Ambroise and Ernestine, decided to go off in search of the mythical goddess Mag’eva to ask her for advice. But no one has heard from them in several days.
During your trip to Megève, you will learn more about this story and come to the aid of these children.

Go on an adventure, and meet the spirits of the mountain. Overcome the challenges and avoid the traps of the trickster spirits!
You don’t have much time left to save Megève from the wrath of the elements!

Explor Games®
Départ à l’Office de Tourisme 74120 Megève Localiser

Période d’ouverture

Circuit praticable de mai à octobre, en fonction de la météo et de l’enneigement.