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Calligraphy workshops

Calligraphy workshops with Karen Dépoisioer Try your hand at the timeless graphic art of calligraphy and create your own beautifully written piece to take away with you.

Anyone can enjoy this creative activity! By concentrating on the here-and-now, you'll become mindful of your gestures and liberate your mind!

Espace adulte - Médiathèque247 route du Palais des Sports 74120 MegèveLocalize


  • Free of charge. Sign up at the multimedia library.

Opening period

Samedi 9 octobre 2021 de 14h30 à 17h30.

Samedi 20 novembre 2021 de 14h30 à 17h30.

Samedi 11 décembre 2021 de 14h30 à 17h30.