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Airsoft back country

  • Go to 25 € and 45 €

The aficionnados of camouflage, retorts and furtive game in natural height will enjoy it. Airsoft is mainly for young adults who love military simulation. For youngsters or for more fun give priority to paintball.

We have a selection of replica airsoft guns available for lease, such as the AEG CM16 raider or the A-WAP-308.
A variety of game scenarios. You can also come and play with your own gear.
From 18 years - min 2 people.

Chemin du Thorbiau Cote 200074120 MegèveLocalize


  • One price: 25 to 45 €.

    1h (hire + 450 bullets): €25
    2h30 (hire + 900 bullets): €33
    3h (hire + 1,350 bullets): €45.

Opening period

Toute l'année de 9h à 22h.
Sur réservation.