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The broomball is an ice sport originating in Canada. The goal of the game : two teams compete, trying to score as many goals as possible by hitting the ball into the opposing net with a broom.

Provided by : Town hall - Sports & Leisure departments

Rules of the game:
Every team has a guard and from 4 to 9 other players, defenders and aggressors. If the surface of the ice is too small, we sometimes choose to put fewer players on the ice rink.
The goal is to score points to the opposite team.

Le Palais247 route du Palais des Sports 74120 MegèveLocalize


  • €20 per person.
    €105 per hour for the professional manager
    €156 per hour for the ice-rink.

Opening period

Toute l'année, tous les jours sauf le 1er mai.

A la demande.