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Escape Game: 'Panic in the library' Who should you believe…

Your mission is to stop a very dangerous group, the Obscurantists. These people are master manipulators and are known to broadcast false scientific information.

They are planning their next hit this evening and this one is sure to cause global panic... Will you be able to stop them in time?

This real life investigation is an opportunity for budding detectives to experience an original and very realistic adventure.

Your mission? Use your observational skills, teamwork and critical thinking to discredit this wave of false information. But be careful, the clock is ticking... You need to be quick if you want to succeed!
You can expect a rush of adrenaline and suspense!

Le Palais247 route du Palais des Sports 74120 MegèveLocalize


  • Free of charge. Sign up at the media library.

Opening period

Mercredi 12 janvier 2022 de 14h à 15h.

Mercredi 16 février 2022 de 14h à 15h.

Mercredi 16 mars 2022 de 14h à 15h.