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Exhibition "Livio Benedetti, a Savoyard Sculptor"

Six sculptures by the Chambéry artist Livio Benedetti (1946-2013) decorate the heart of the village during the 2022 summer season.

Livio always defined himself as a stonemason, even before defining himself as a sculptor. He claimed to belong to the family of builders who came from Italy and settled on the other side of the Alps. For more than forty years, the passion that drove him resulted in a multitude of sculptures of all sizes, mainly in bronze, but also in marble, steel and wood, from his hands as a stonemason, rugby player, mountain man and sculptor.
Playing with curves, angles, roughness and softness, Livio produced work that was strong, subtle and poetic. Over the course of his career, the author of the "Dame de Tignes" received numerous awards. In 1988, he was awarded third prize in the French Grand Prix des Arts Plastiques. In 2007, he won the Pierre Dumas prize.

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  • Free access.

Opening period

Du 10/11/2021 au 18/09/2022, tous les jours.