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Pedestrian itinerary: The Calvary Way

  • Distance 1km
  • Daily duration 01h00
  • Change in altitude (uphill) 60m

Quite unique in France due to its history and nature, the Calvary Way is a pleasant cultural walk in a restful setting which can be enjoyed in all seasons.

Take the path that goes up opposite the Casino underground car park. Steep but short, it takes you to the Saint Michel Cross. Continue by a little street that climbs uphill (the architect, Le Même’s house is on the right).
You will soon arrive on a little esplanade where you will discover the magnificent group of 2 chapels dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the 14 Stations of the Cross.
Inside these little edifices you will find life size statues retracing the different scenes of Christ’s Passion, in a blend of gothic, baroque, rococo and Tuscany styles. Note the similarities, deliberately intended by the priest Father Martin, between the real Calvary in Jerusalem and this replica: dimensions, proportions, distances…
Return to the village by the same path or take a Meg’bus (timetables available at Megève Tourism).

An alternative route is by Maz / the“Belle au Bois” waterfall.
On the plateau, continue to the right for 1km in the direction of Cote 2000, until you arrive at the hamlet of Maz (visit the chapel with the red and green sun dial). In front of the chapel go down about 800m by the “Chemin du Maz”, then fork to your right by the path (10 minutes) to reach the “Belle au Bois” waterfall (delicate path). Then climb back up the same path and come back down to the village
by the “Chemin du Maz”.


  • Free access.

Opening period

Praticable toute l'année
Selon conditions météo