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Académie d’Été Musique Megève

The Académie d'Eté Musique Megève organises piano courses (classic, pop, jazz, boogie) Singing, Guitar, Violin, Cello, Alto, Flute, Harp, Saxophone, drums and accordion courses. Names cursus telephone teachers on the website.

Since 2014, the Académie D'Eté Musique Megève organize piano courses surrounded by three piano professors.

During the first week of August (Saturday to Saturday), in beautiful chalets or ground floor flats, each professor will teach their course.

Before diner, in 6 locations in Megève, they will offer free concerts.

For more information : call Sylvie Chatron-Michaud.

Make a public sensitive to music by the elaboration of musical courses, concerts and artistic events; organize artistic and cultural meetings.