Haut Val d'Arly Heritage Museum

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Authentic XIXth century farmhouse containing collections of objects and records from the past, illustrating the daily grind of the local population: domestic life, social life, mountain life…

In the heart of the village is a haven of peace. This traditionnal farmhouse gathers all the little things from the past and tell us the stories of life as it used to be.
Is anyone still living here?
From the bedroom to the workshop, the kitchen and the cellar, each photo, each piece of furniture and each object tell a story.
The visit will take you through themes such as domestic daily life, agriculture, textile and craft industries.
A little guiding booklet for children from 7 to 10 is available upon request.

88 rue Dr Charles Socquet 74120 MegèveLocalize


  • Adult: 3.50 €
    Child : 2.80 €
    Group children : 2.50 €
    Set price group adults: 3 €.

    Free entry for children 10 people.

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