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Freestyle Airbag lessons

  • From 18€

The Big Air Bag guarantees you sensations and performances out of the ordinary! Two inflatable mattresses of 135m² and 80m², an initiation module specially designed for the reception of jumpers. Accessible from 10 years old.

Provided by : École du Ski Français

Under the watchful eye of a technician and an instructor specialised in Freestyle, your dream of making the most crazy jumps is now possible.
These air mattresses will unleash your passions!
Open training supervised by specialised Freestyle instructors.
For the youngest ones, parents are asked to release their parents from responsibility.
Helmets are compulsory and back protection is strongly recommended.


  • One price: from 18 € (5 runs pack: €42).

Opening period

Du 25/12 au 17/04, tous les jours.
Sous réserve de conditions météo favorables
Hors vacances scolaires : uniquement le week-end.