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Pollès Megève

The sculptor, Pollès, has taken over Megève's Place de l'Eglise with five monumental works, exhibited in collaboration with Gallery de Souzy.

This open-air exhibition celebrates the talent of an authentic artist, continuing the tradition of the great artists of the 20th century.
Curves and counter-curves, volumes interrupted by sinuous ridges, like sculptural upstrokes and downstrokes – Pollès is the inventor of an organic Cubism whose works utilize a variety of forms in which fleshy physicality jostles with geometry. Abstract rigour is challenged by movement, by the sculptor’s vital, artistic energy as he explores his preferred motif: the female body.

Pollès' work, which is halfway between figurative and abstract, expresses the sensuality, harmony, power and softness of the body. Dynamic or dense, curvaceous or slender, his sculptures translate the suppleness of gesture and the plenitude of the flesh through constantly reinvented forms. And while a sculpture by Pollès is immediately identifiable – no need to read the signature: his style is enough to identify him – each sculpture has its own identity, suggested by an evocative title. Yterbine, Theano and Centauresque explore a personal mythology with its idols, goddesses and icons. Each new piece reflects a moment in the artist’s permanent quest for new forms, lines and shapes. Pollès never repeats himself.

Cast in bronze, they are ready to face eternity. Bedecked in surprising colors, they proudly proclaim their originality: cloaked in robes of silver, blue, platinum and brown, their distinctive hues further enhance their perfect forms. These strange, beautiful columns of light are the result of mysterious blends dreamed up by the alchemist-artist who is also a hands-on practitioner. From the original form, shaped in clay, to the finishing patina, Pollès masters and executes each phase of the creative process. He casts each sculpture in his studio at Pietrasanta, Tuscany. This Pygmalion character allows no one else to shape or mould them."
Sylvie Blin

Place de l'Eglise 74120 MegèveLocalize


  • Free access.

Opening period

Du 02/11/2020 au 30/09/2021, tous les jours.