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Theatre production: Cyrano de Bergerac

The Theatre production AMAB, led by Théophile Charenat, presents this iconic play, with their own original twist. Join in on the fun and learn all about Cyrano Savinien Hercule de Bergerac, the fearless Musketeer.

Cyrano Savinien Hercule de Bergerac was a fearless Muskateer, and one of the Captains of Gascony. He was in love with his cousin Roxane, but didn't dare tell her because he thought his nose was too ugly. Out of love for her, and feeling hopeless, he agreed to protect his rival Christian and even went as far as to help him seduce Roxane. Would she see behind his mask?

So what exactly is this play? A comedy? A tragedy? In any case, we find it boastful and funny! It is an enjoyable crossing of swords and the good guys always come out on top.
Never mind if he has an ugly nose, if he is pathetic and carries the worries of the whole world on his shoulders, here he is celebrated in much the same way he wields his sword: with elegance and audacity! It is light-hearted, dreamlike and just fantastic.
The other side of the play is the tough, violent nature of love, portrayed by an inseparable trio, each fighting for their own happiness. Even when in love, some people have regrets, and others feel remorse.
And then we have Rostand who comes along to shake things up a bit. He mixes all the characters together, the good guys and the bad guys, we forget if we should laugh or cry. Wait a minute... If we can laugh and cry at the same time... isn't that what theatre is all about? Isn't that the whole point here, through this age-old art form, to show us that not everything is as black and white as we would think? Isn't it showing us that freedom and rebellion allow us to push the boundaries? And since, here we also witness poetry of the words and the power of the verb, haven't we created something beautiful?
Well, there are lots of questions to consider. Come on, let's find the answers together.

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  • Free access.

Opening period

Dimanche 15 août 2021 de 19h à 20h30.
Repli à l'auditorium du Palais si mauvais temps.