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Climbing itineraries

  • From 360€

You can discover the most beautiful itineraries of the region, chosen by your guide depending on your level and experience.

Provided by : Bureau des Guides

This programme is for people who are accustomed to climbing.
Day outings : Les Crochues, Les Contamines, Les Chéserys, Nez Rouge, Bargy, Pointe du Midi.
2 day outings : programme with a night in a refuge to discover the massive : Pointe d'Orny/Refuge d'Orny, Pointe Croux/Refuge Monzino, Genepy/Refuge Argentière, La Grande Arabesque (bivouac).


  • From 05/06 to 31/10/2021
    Fee: from 360 €.

    From 04/06 to 31/10/2022
    Fee: from 380 €.

    Rates depending on the difficulty of the circuit, number of persons and length.

Opening period

Du 05/06 au 31/10/2021, tous les jours.

Du 04/06 au 31/10/2022, tous les jours.

Sous réserve de conditions météo favorables.