Megève Tourism’s commitment, a number of good practices

In July 2007 Megève Tourism was the first tourist office in France to be certified ISO 14001 (an environmental management standard). Today respect of the environment is no longer simply a debating issue. Many national companies and communities have included this concept into their policy. It is not always easy to define the areas where we can best make improvements concerning environmental issues, but it is clearly visible in and around Megève that we are taking into account the impact our activities have on the environment.

A few examples of good practices

Important rendezvous

  • International Mountain Water Congress
  • Alps University
  • Nature Dreams
  • The Little Princes of autumn

Conferences and Debate Films

  • « Climatic changes and their impact on nature » presented by Bernard Seguin (a member of the GIEC).
  • « Climatic changes in the upper Arve Valley”, presented by Franck Giazzi.
  • « High quality, ecological home building and renovation  » presented by the “Prioriterre”


Megève Tourism is committed to an environmentally friendly ecological concept for the events it organises, starting with the reduction of waste. For waste that cannot be avoided, rubbish sorting will be organised. This effort will be maximised by working in partnership with the Technical Services.

  • The Rochebrune Martelloscope: emotions between science and nature, sustainable development as a tourist activity, for which Megève won the Rhone-Alps region prize for tourist innovation.
  • Take part in the Martelloscope adventure by discovering its digital
  • The Grand Odyssey Savoie Mont-Blanc: an emblematic event with numerous fun-educational activities principally targeted at youngsters; Respect of Nature; Respect of the Environment; Respect of the animal kingdom.
  • Note the efforts of the “Time Megève Mont Blanc” organisers who, in partnership with Eco Cyclo have reduced the amount of waste during the race.
  • Alps University: This first edition will attempt to develop a real geographical approach to understanding what is at stake in the Alpine region, divided into 4 sectors: exploiting Alpine resources, living, preserving or farming in the Alps. Why, how, for who, by who…?
  • The Hiking Lab, to set out in the discovery of Nature and the little known facet of the local fauna and flora. The idea is to highlight the insects and plants that are generally unknown by the general public.
  • Land’Art: In the forest of “Tour”, Megève invites you to create your work of art on the theme of the “ Forest that Inspires”. Using only natural resources available on the spot, without tools and respecting the environment.

The Sports Centre

A pioneer in the use of renewable energy, the Sports Centre has been using solar panels and a hydroelectric turbine for 40 years! Could it have unknowingly been one of the first HQE (High quality environmental) buildings in France? Since the most recent renovations, the swimming pool has been heated by heat that is produced when making ice for the skating rink. The Sports Centre is planning to cover its entire roof with solar panels.

Ashtrays and poop-scoopers

Supplementary ashtrays and poop-scooper disposal bags have been installed in the village (a leaflet giving poop-scooper distribution points is available from Megève Tourism).


In our continuing efforts to preserve and respect the Environment, the vehicles in service conform to the Euro 5 standards. Polluting discharges are thus limited with a reduction of emissions of nitrogen oxides and particles in the air. The drivers are trained to eco-driving. Free in the winter and €1 in the summer (or free with a Megève Pass).

  • Rochebrune
  • Mont d’Arbois
  • Cote2000
  • Jaillet
  • Facilibus

Since the 2nd September, it’s full steam ahead! Whether you are an inhabitant, holiday-home owner or tourist… book your shuttle bus to drive you in and around Megève. This new service aims to improve your quality of life by giving you the possibility of moving around freely and at the lowest cost! It provides a complement to the already existing transport available (departmental bus line, TER railway…). Further information on …

Car sharing

The Megève ”Ecolibriste” association provides an interactive notebook to put you into contact with other car sharing drivers or passengers, for your requests or propositions concerning occasional or regular journeys. This notebook is available at the town hall.

You can equally find car-sharing possibilities on the regional council website:

The mixed economy companies

That manage the ski lifts of Rochebrune-Mont d’Arbois and the Jaillet have undertaken to conform to the ISO 14001 standard (International standard), the evidence of the continuing improvements being made regarding their impact on the environment, with the reduction of energy consumption being an example of their priority actions. This winter the snow groomers are fitted with a sonar that allows them to measure the depth of the snow mantle and thus to optimise the grooming of the slopes.


  • « Keep our mountains clean ». Nature cleaning-up operation in May.
  • Tax exemption for young innovative companies.
  • Environmental impact taken into account in the reconstruction of the Super Megève restaurant in Rochebrune, and the Tourist Office reception area.
  • Snow clearing on the roads: using brine that reduces the quantity of salt used by 30%.
  • Schools’ project with the objective of: grouping the schools’ partners together around the theme of sustainable development, finding and setting up actions together with the pupils and partners; These examples testify to the real commitment of the people of Megève.
  • A container to collect textiles at the refuse dump.
  • Save energy by using led lights on the Christmas tree on the Church Square.
  • Save energy by using led lighting for the Christmas decorations on the main road (RD 1212).
  • “Saveurs d’hauteur”Watch the video
  • Megève’s 4th flower: label confirmed in 2010 by the jury of the National “Towns and villages in bloom” council.
  • The “Water in the Mountains” Observatory: Megève is the host site of the European « Alp Water Scarce » programme. Following the General Assembly of Water in the Mountains organised in Megève in September 2010 with the International Water Commission contest, the idea of a permanent Observatory for mountain water was born. See the website
  • Within the framework of a partnership with Cycl’Evasion, the entire staff of Megève Tourism has the use of a “Matre” electric bicycle for short journeys.
  • Another electric bicycle is also available at the tourist office reception, for visitors wishing to try out this form of ecologic transport.