It’s all happening in Megève

The magic of Christmas continues throughout the whole of winter in Megève! Come and take in the charm of the pedestrian streets and the famous village square featuring the majestic Christmas tree filled with lights. 

You’ll marvel at the pleasant tranquillity of the natural surroundings, revitalise in an unspoilt wilderness and have fun in the powder snow, building a snowman or even an igloo.

You’ll find calm and serenity among the fir trees in our woods and forests.

You’ll enjoy the simple pleasures of winter in the mountains, and share happy family moments with the delicious Savoie cuisine or a cup of hot chocolate.

Come to Megève for an exceptional winter!

Yes, things will be a little different in 2021. But, thanks to the efforts made by the local people, we invite you to join us in the safety of our winter wonderland to dream a little and enjoy a breath of fresh mountain air.

A cosy winter

chalets en hiver

Our accommodation providers are mindful of your wellbeing and do everything they can for your peace of mind during this winter. Find out which hotels are open and choose your cosy nest for a magical holiday with us.

A gourmet winter

While waiting for better days to come, our Chefs are constantly reinventing themselves and revisiting their cuisine to prepare delicious dishes for you to take away and relish!

patinoire extérieure

An exciting winter

Extraordinary activities for exceptional circumstances. There’s always something going on in Megève and the village is pulling out all the stops to offer you a wide range of activities, entertainment and workshops for everyone.

With sports, wellness and cultural activities on the cards, people of all ages will find a new experience to try out, either alone, with friends or with family!

Link (button) to ‘the list of sports shops open in January’