In Megève, authenticity has been a passion for generations.

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Soak up the very soul of Megève with the Original Collection.
Embark on a timeless journey and explore Megève in all its authenticity. Heritage, tradition, craftsmanship & transmission: from the village to the mountain peaks, step into the past and unearth Megève’s treasure-trove of history. A veritable land of legends, Megève has countless
tales to tell.

 The art of tradition

Tradition is undoubtedly Megève’s greatest treasure. Megève’s traditions reflect its soul, history and values. This rich tapestry of knowledge, craftsmanship and utterly unique rituals forms a magical link between the Megève of yesteryear and the Megève of tomorrow. Far from frozen in the past, tradition comes alive every day in Megève. The Original Collection offers you a variety of ways to dip into the rare authenticity of a timeless journey into tradition.

Heritage & Architecture

To truly appreciate the architecture of your holiday destination, you need to observe how Megève has survived the ages while preserving its identity. Set off to discover Megève’s architectural treasures, from the oldest country farms to contemporary chalets, via historical gems such as the works of Henri Jacques Le Même, the path that climbs Le Calvaire, the Saint Jean-Baptiste church and the village centre, and discover a wealth of heritage, fruit of the region’s illustrious architects!

Mountain people

Since tradition is above all a tale about humans, we invite you to dive right into the Alpine imagination of the mountain peoples. Customs, stories, myths and legends will spark your curiosity as you discover the way of life of those who peopled the mountains before we came along. Tales from the Alps, meetings with farmers, intro to mountain orienteering, hiking workshop, horse festival, just take your pick! Become an expert in Alpine culture and come meet the « highland » people.                                               


Megève Gourmande

Thanks to its history and its agricultural heritage, Megève is today one of the most famous champions of mountain tastes and flavours. Boasting 45 local farms and producers, it’s the perfect place to sample outstanding examples of the art of sustainable cooking. « Mon Village » cuisine, mountain cooking lessons, discovery of Savoy cheeses, tasting at the farm, local producers’ market, history of the iconic Megève ice cubes … With the Original Collection, summer is definitely a gourmet affair !


« Tradition is merely progress that succeeded »

Maurice Druon

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