In Megève, all our senses make sense again.

Exlat your Senses !

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Calling all modern-day adventurers and budding explorers,
hang onto your hats! Whether you’re after just a bit of a thrill or a full-on adrenaline rush, there’s a whole summer-load of sensations awaiting you in Megève! Doesn’t it feel good to live life to the max? Go on, then, get stuck in and skip to the beat of new experiences in Megève. After all, isn’t summer the perfect time to get carried away and go wild?
Surprise yourself, dare to try the Sensations Collection

Land of Senses

Perch high up on the peaks, breathe in the fresh mountain air, listen to the rivers singing their way along, caress the tender grass of the mountain pastures, taste some delicious local products… In Megève, all your senses are shaken into action! Give in to your senses as, stimulated by a wild and unspoiled environment, they guide you to new sensations! This summer, experience the great outdoors, exalt your senses and reconnect with a true feeling of newfound freedom

The Big Thrill

Push your limits and experience the Big Thrill in Megève! There’s no such thing as a small victory, so set your own goals and step out of your comfort zone.  The Sensations Collection experiences will help you take the plunge, always at your own pace! Introduction to electric mountain biking, tips at the skate park, rock-climbing for two, sporty hiking, plane flight… Live life to the MAX in Megève.

General Excitement

After two months pacing around your living room, it’s high time to let off steam! Run, play, dance, laugh out loud … Express yourself in whatever way you like, but above all, have fun! To help you let yourself go, Megève has put together a whirlwind of colourful, fun-filled activities: Shows, walks, concerts of all kinds, novelties … Can you feel the excitement growing? We can!

Little Angels

Let’s not forget the little angels, of course: Megève has just what they need for a wonderful holiday! With the activities of the Sensations Collection, the kids are spoilt for choice Bubble football, Ninja Warriors, flume competition, « Once upon a time … The explorers » entertainment, the villains’ awakening, the Portes du Mont Blanc panoramic playground… More than enough to stock up on lasting holiday memories!                                                                                                                                                                                                

« It always seems impossible until it’s done »

Nelson Mandela


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