Up on the heights of Megève, the nearby peaks make your spirit soar.

Recharge your batteries

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Summer is a time for lightness and simplicity.
The Serenity Collection is like a sweet fragrance on the breeze, inviting you to take care of yourself. Take a deep breath, empty your mind, soak up the elements that surround you and let Megève soothe you. This summer, take the time to recover your balance with the Serenity Collection and treat yourself to some special « me » time in Megève.

The Harmony
of the Elements

Megève is a special place, a land where the elements reign in harmony. From the fresh dew in the morning to the last gleams of dusk on the majestic peaks, all the elements flow in synchronised harmony, bestowing you with a feeling of utter peace and serenity. Megève invites you to let go and relax. Take advantage of the little pleasures offered up by nature; restore your energy levels this summer in Megève.

Wellness and Care

Take your holidays in Megève as an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation. The Serenity Collection is full of ideas to pamper yourself and your loved ones: Family time at the Spa, Yoga facing the Mont-Blanc, reflexology by the river, detox drinks workshop … So many beneficial experiences for your body and mind, to share with your loved ones or to discover solo.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Spiritual Megève

Megève is a land steeped in legend, a fairytale kingdom… Let the magic of Megève sweep you away, far, far away from material things. Tours of Le Calvaire, classical music concerts, philosophical discussions on beauty… Megève offers you the chance to detach yourself for a moment, get perspective, recover your balance and elevate your soul.

« Ah, L’Amour »:
Love in the Mountains

Love is in the air… Look at those hearts carved in the windows of alpine farms in Saint-Amour meadow at the village centre. How romantic Megève is! In the light, carefree atmosphere of a summer romance, yield to the charm of a sunset stroll, a jazz concert in the garden or a simple picnic in the countryside. Megève has all the beauty of a classic love story.

« Serenity is a conquest »

André Maurois


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