The Village

Shops and services

Everything you need

Are you looking for a specific shop or service?
In Megève you’ll find a wide range of shops for the basic essentials, and a whole host of personalised services.
Grocery stores, health professionals, beauty salons, concierge services, family services, events’ management companies and much more. Here is a list of all the shops and services that will ensure your stay here is a pleasurable one.

Are you looking for restaurants, clubs, wellness areas and fashion boutiques in Megève?
Head to our “Art-de-Vivre” section!

A lively destination

In Megève, quality is given more importance than quantity. Megève is much more than just a tourist destination, it is a lively and entertaining village all year round. Whenever you choose to come here, one thing is certain: in Megève, you’ll find everything you need!

A few figures:
31 Health professionals
18 Food stores
09 Hairdressing and beauty salons
31 Companies for home development and cleaning
07 Concierge services and companies for home-based services
04 Companies providing family services
14 Communication, events’ management and photography agencies
19 Legal and financial services
05 Garages and petrol stations

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