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Megève is an ancient village, with its inhabitants and its architectural heritage rich with history. In the village centre, the priory founded in 12th century by the Benedictines stands next to the church, the oldest parts of which date from 13th century and its main wooden door from 1692.

All around, a diverse range of old stone houses are still standing as witnesses to their history.

A rare find, the central square has two town halls: one for Megève and one for Demi Quartier. The Montée St Michel leads to the Calvary, a listed monument built in 19th century on the orders of the priest Ambroise Martin and consisting of chapels undergoing restoration.

The first hotels, Le Soleil d’Or, Le Panorama and Le Mont Blanc welcomed their first tourists in the early 20th century.

Further afield are hamlets, assembled around chapels several centuries old and crop share farms like the one that now houses Le Haut Val d’Arly Museum.

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