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Flocon Vert

Megève – committed to conservation!

We are deeply attached to our natural heritage in Megève. We love the mountains. We live alongside them and they live alongside us. The mountains used to be thought of as a sacred area, and they have forged our character and our history. Just as in the past, this endless ‘playground’ represents an incredibly precious place of freedom.

As we love our mountains, we want to share them with you. Mountains do not belong to anyone and offer their natural wealth to everyone who comes to visit them. Vast, virtuous and generous – the mountains give without limit. And in return? They ask for just one thing – mutual respect.

Therefore, in order to respect our natural heritage and because we are aware of the fragility of our environment, we have committed to the ‘Flocon Vert’ accreditation.

‘Flocon Vert’ is an accreditation which ensures the sustainable development of mountain tourist destinations using 21 criteria across 4 key themes:

  1. Stewardship & Destination
  2. Local Economy
  3. Social & Cultural
  4. Natural resources & Ecology

This accreditation, created by the Mountain Riders association, provides mountain lovers with a clear understanding of resorts that are committed to and respectful of their environment. Six resorts were accredited in 2019: Les Rousses, Vallée de Chamonix, Châtel, La Pierre Saint Martin, Chamrousse and Valberg. In 2020, Megève was proud to become the 7th accredited resort!

In more practical terms, when you choose a ‘Flocon Vert’ destination for your holiday, you are choosing a place which promotes concrete initiatives regarding sustainable development. You are:

  1. Supporting committed stakeholders
  2. Encouraging committed stakeholders
  3. Sending a message to all those working for sustainability

Here in Megève, our determination is reflected in the commitment of many stakeholders across our region. It is a collective, collaborative and participatory approach, as a tourist destination is a true ecosystem, and responds to an established demand.

Even though obtaining the ‘Flocon Vert’ accreditation is an accomplishment, it must not be seen as an end in itself. We are committed to a policy of progress and continuous improvement! This accreditation encourages the involvement of economic players in the short, medium and long term.

Extract from the Commitment Charter to sustainable and responsible development of the municipality of the community of Megève – December 2019:

‘Looking for a balance between the development and the protection of mountains is a fundamental principle for mountainous regions. The ‘Mountain Law’ of 9 January 1985 enshrined the search for this balance at a legislative level (often considered contradictory by some and strongly promoted by others) in order to be able to question any infrastructure projects. ‘Environmental law’ and ‘planning law’ as a consequence resulted in controversy and litigation.

We have witnessed a profound change in attitudes over the past decade. There is still along way to go. Our community and mountains in France have entered a period of change that tends to favour lifestyle over spending in order to live.

Mountain resorts do not remain unaffected by changes in society and the demands of customers who are increasingly aware of quality services and environmental matters. The resorts have embarked on a process of urban renewal, of upgrading permanent and tourist accommodation and of innovation and diversification in the activities on offer so that they can respond to climate uncertainty.

This charter illustrates the commitment of the community of Megève to safeguard the local economy and ensure sustainable tourism in the face of climate change. It is part of a global medium- and long-term approach to integrate the principles of sustainable development into local public policies […] This opens up a new chapter in the resort’s history. ’

See the full Charter of Commitment

Flocon Vert Policy