The village of Megève

Practical information

Be well-prepared for your trip

Are you coming to Megève?
We can help you prepare for your trip!
Here, you’ll find all the practical information you need to organise your holiday in the mountains. Megève is ideally located near Mont-Blanc and it is easy to get to, however you decide to travel.

Skiing holiday: The essentials

Your holiday is just around the corner and the time has come to pack your bags.
But how can you be sure you won’t forget something? How can you stop yourself packing too much, or even too little?
Don’t panic: To help you, we’ve compiled some checklists of all the essentials you need to pack.
Take a look at our different checklists and prepare for your holiday in Megève with peace-of-mind!

Skiing Checklist

Skiing equipment
– Skis / Snowboard
– Skiing / snowboarding shoes
– Skiing poles
– Helmet
– Ski goggles / sunglasses
– Backpack
– Sledge for the little ones (and grown ups!)

Skiing clothes
– First layer: skin-tight skiing undergarment
– Second layer:
a warm mid-layer
– Third layer:
Protective ski/snowboard jacket and trousers
– Hat
– Neck warmer
– Gloves
– Skiing socks

Freeride & ski-touring
– Avalanche transceiver
– Snow shovel
– Probe
– Airbag survival kit

Après Ski Checklist

– Fur-lined après-ski boots or shoes
– Cosy outfit for relaxing by the fire
– Swimsuit for the spa
– Clothes for the evening

– Books, magazines, e-reader
– Board games
– Telephone, computer, tablet
– Chargers for electronic devices
– Adapter

Toiletries & linen
– Household linen
– Toiletries
– Bath towels

Medical supplies
– First-aid kit
– High-protection sun cream
– Lip balm
– Moisturiser for hands and face
– After-sun lotion
– Hand sanitizer
– Foot/hand warmers

Journey Checklist

– Snow tyres
– Snow chains
– Hand brush
– Windscreen scraper
– Car seat
– Snow shovel
– Water and snacks

– Passport / identity card
– Driving licence
– Booking documents
– Transport documents
– Holiday address