Way of life

The French “art de vivre” in the mountains

Megève is the French capital of “art de vivre” in the mountains, with so many treasures to unearth.
Discover the culinary delights of Megève, where top-quality traditions meet the latest trends.
Michelin-starred chefs, elegant boutiques, harmonious wellness areas, glamourous evenings and so much more.
Come and experience the treasures of Megève for yourself.

Did you know?

“Art de vivre”, a legacy
Megève did not become the French capital of “art de vivre” in the mountains overnight, it is actually thanks to a precious legacy. When Baroness Noémie de Rotschild set her heart on Megève in 1916, she planned on creating a big international ski resort that would be both modern and glamourous. When her hotel, the Palace des Neiges, opened in 1921 (the first luxury hotel in the French Alps, now called the Four Seasons Hotel Megève), it became highly popular with royalty, aristocracy and the upper-class from all over the world. It was a great success and at the time, it made Megève the ultimate place to be for the upper-class and the world’s elite. Today, the art of hospitality, the culture of elegance and all that is “beautiful” in the world have become key traditions of Megève.

The Place to Be
Since Megève ski resort came to be, it has always been the place to be for the elite. From the roaring twenties to the 70s, all sorts of aristocracy came through here, the elite from the world of art, jet-setters and some well-known names in politics. The village was even given the nickname “The 21st arrondissement of Paris” by Jean Cocteau, and then “Saint Tropez of the Alps”. During this long period, Megève flourished: the world of aristocracy, the entertainment industry, the business world and politicians all enjoyed their holidays here. Today, Megève is still an extremely coveted place and many trendy establishments continue to pop up (as well as a great number of new projects in the pipeline)!