Way of life

Relaxation and wellness

Pure indulgence

Take some time out and indulge yourself with some pampering during your stay.
To take good care of you, we’ve concocted a wide range of activities devoted to your well-being.
Spas, balneotherapy, yoga or more traditional treatments, come and explore the various activities designed to help you relax in Megève.

Wellness is the key to happiness

Take some time for yourself, stretch, breathe, sleep soundly, eat well, enjoy a massage… We all know that our well-being depends entirely on our ability to look after ourselves with care and attention, but on a daily basis we tend to neglect this well-being and devote our time to “more important” things. This is where we are going wrong. In Megève, we pay special attention to our way of living. Here, we are convinced that looking after oneself should come way before all the rest. For you, for your loved ones, for the people who cross your path in the narrow streets of the village, wellness is the key to happiness. Here are our 4 top tips for the ultimate relaxing holiday in Megève.

4 top tips for wellness in Megève

1. Enjoy nature
Take a break from your daily routine and unwind at the heart of a preserved and varied natural environment in Megève. This has been the best anti-stress remedy since the dawn of time, all you have to do is step outside and let our pretty footpaths lead the way! Fir tree forests, sunny Alpine pastures, wild rivers, awaken your senses and reconnect with your inner self during your holiday.

2. Get your body moving
Everybody knows that moving is essential if you want to stay in shape and healthy. We are too often inactive due to our jobs or we are not making the right movements, so make the most of your holiday here to get your body moving again, in the best possible ways. Go for a walk along the ridges in the summer, cross-country skiing in the winter, yoga and other indoor activities all year round… Here, it’s not about sporting competitions, it’s just you and your own body, at your own pace and according to your own ability.

3. Treat yourself
It feels so good to treat yourself from time to time… Sometimes we just need to hear those two words: Treat yourself! Stop feeling guilty and let go a little during your holiday. After all, if there’s a moment when you should be enjoying life, isn’t it while on holiday? Just let go, enjoy yourself and create some unforgettable memories.

4. Eat well
“You are what you eat”. Have you heard this expression? It is pretty self-explanatory! To take good care of yourself, you need to begin with what you eat. Our top wellness tip number four shouldn’t be too difficult to follow while you’re on holiday in the gastronomy capital of the mountains! From “the field to the fork”, in Megève you’ll find healthy, reasonable and seasonal dishes, using the delicious and beautiful products from our local producers.

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