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When it comes to shopping, Megève has just as much to offer as the biggest capital cities! Between the chic fashion boutiques, decoration inspiration for the home and the very latest sports equipment, it will be difficult to go home from Megève empty handed!
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Megève, always ahead of the trends

The great story of the “jumping trousers”, the very first “fuseau” stream-lined trousers, especially designed for skiing

Photo credit: Maison AALLARD

“The ‘fuseau’ stream-lined trousers were created in 1930 by Armand Allard upon request from Emile Allais. These trousers revolutionised mountain sports and at the same time, became fashionable all over the world. There’s no use looking elsewhere, the authentic and the only real ‘fuseau’ can only be bought at the Place de l’Eglise, at the Aallard boutique in Megève. And this is not about to change…” Extract from AALLARD magazine n°4 (2020)

History of the “fuseau”
: Armand Allard opened his tailoring workshop where he was already making straight-legged trousers with elastics underfoot and a sleek inside-the-boot fit.

1930: Emile Allais asked Armand Allard to make him a pair of trousers that were better adapted for skiing than the traditional billowing golf pants that were not aerodynamic, waterproof and that stuck to the snow.

1937: World champion! Emile Allais won the three events of the world championships in Downhill Alpine skiing, combined and slalom and became a true legend, wearing the incredible “jumping trousers”, the first name given to the “fuseau”. This had an immediate knock-on effect: French and European ski schools wanted to get their hands on these brand-new skiing trousers. They were particularly in demand for ski-jumping thanks to their aerodynamic quality.

“These trousers were worn quite tight to the leg, were very straight-legged and above-all, Allard came up with the great idea of fitting elastics underfoot so that they stayed firmly inside the boot.” Testimony from Emile Allais

Photo credit: Maison AALLARD

1938: The “fuseau” evolved and became even tighter around the ankles. It became more stream-lined and trendy thanks to the use of new materials (gabardine and tricotine).

1950: After the war, elastic fabric began to make an appearance. These fabrics allowed for exceptional comfort and mirrored the body’s movements. The qualified, professional ski instructors of Megève were the first to try and test these new Aallard “fuseau” trousers, made from “50% wool, 50% Nylon”.

In the 70s: The “fuseau” which was first and foremost for the professional skiers, then all skiers, made it onto the fashion show runways.

1980: The “fuseau” was made available in ready-to-wear, using modern materials. It was just as chic, and could now be worn in the towns as well as on the slopes.

2012: Megève Town Hall introduced a commemorative plaque indicating that the very first “fuseau” was created in Megève by Armand Allard.

2015: Antoine Allard, Armand Allard’s grandson, carried on the family tradition and launched a brand-new collection of “fuseau” trousers that were both modern and authentic.

“The ‘fuseau’ is never skin-tight but always taut, to refine your silhouette and make your legs look longer. Contrary to popular belief, these trousers are suitable for all body shapes and sizes as long as they are made according to the original design. A part of the secret is in the fact that the cut of these trousers moulds the body, but is not skin-tight.” www.aallard.com

Today, the “fuseau” is one of the iconic symbols of Megève. The AALLARD “fuseau” can only be purchased from the boutique in Megève and it is a perfect reflection of the destination: elegant, timeless, outlasting all trends.

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