Winter sports

Skiing and much more besides!

Megève is a first generation ski resort, with a mountain of winter sports on offer:
Skiing, original sports, thrilling experiences and much more. Make the most of all the activities in the snow of Megève!
Our recommendation? Take a deep breath of the pure mountain air and just let the magic of winter amaze you…
Find out about all the winter sports available in Megève below.

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Did you know?

During the Belle Epoque, Megève was mostly known as a popular tourist destination for the summer! From spring onwards, crowds of visitors from the cities would come to enjoy the sunny climate and revitalising mountain air. For the locals of the village, a good winter in Megève was one without snow!

It was only at the beginning of the Roaring Twenties that Megève began to double up as a winter sports resort. It was the beginning of a new era, promoted by the Baroness Noémie de Rotschild, benefactress of Megève.

Megève then became what we call a first generation ski resort. It marked the beginning of skiing in France and champions such as Emile Allais and Henri Duvillard trained here. That’s how Megève became legendary.

Today, thanks to the 400 km of ski area, Nordic ski area, ice rinks, winter activities and magical setting, Megève is now renowned on a global scale and is one of the most well-known ski resorts.

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