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From a gentle introduction to the most iconic high mountain itineraries, push your boundaries and set off for the peaks at the heart of the exceptional landscapes of the Mont Blanc Region!

Intoxicating peaks

Follow the guide!
The Bureau des Guides de Megève was founded fifty years ago and very quickly, their success allowed them to stay open all year round. Today, they have twenty expert mountain guides on their team. Mountaineering, climbing, ice falls, snowshoeing in the high mountain, glacier hiking, mountaineering courses, discovery of local wildlife, Vallée Blanche and so much more. So many adventures and unique experiences to choose from! 

A summit adapted to your level
To really get the most out of your mountain experience, if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or just to admire the superb views, the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself while trying out mountain activities! Whatever your level of ability, dare to set off on an adventure and experience first hand the values of the mountains, such as helping others and pushing your limits! Remember that there’s no such thing as a small victory.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

Hellen Keller

Megève and Mont Blanc

The perfect combination
Since the dawn of time, Megève and Mont Blanc have been a team, working together hand-in-hand. Finding a balance that is both subtle and endearing, they form the perfect combination that is gentle yet intense. On one side you have the charm, elegance and curves of Megève. On the other side, the strength, verticality and splendour of Mont Blanc. A contrast that works together in perfect harmony and fascinates visitors coming to the Mont Blanc Region. After all, don’t we say that opposites attract?

A long-term partnership
In the 19th century, the first tourists came to Megève to breathe the pure mountain air and enjoy the exceptional sunny climate of the destination. During their stay, it was a tradition to go on a day trip into Mont Blanc valley to wonder at the glaciers and for a thrilling experience! When they arrived back in Megève, they appreciated the fantastic lifestyle and comfort even more. This combination was a popular choice for tourists back then, and is still the case today!

A wide range of possibilities
Megève is just opposite the highest mountain in Europe and is only 16 minutes from the Mont Blanc base camp. Thanks to this location and the rich and varied environment, there’s a wide range of activities available here for beginners, the more experienced and even experts!

High Mountain activities

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