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Skiing, just Mont-Blanc and you

Come for a skiing experience at the heart of an exceptional ski area….
Megève ski area offers skiing for all levels of ability, with a combination of slopes, fir tree forests, mountain farms and sunny outdoor terraces!

“I believe that Megève was created for skiing, and skiing was created for Megève”

Mathilde Maige-Lefournier, 1913

Domaine skiable Megève

A few figures about the ski area

Skiing for everyone!

Skiing in Megève is all about exploring gentle, reassuring slopes that are perfect for beginners. Those looking for wide-open spaces will enjoy the Cote 2000 mountains, with top-quality snow cover thanks to the ideal sun exposure of the slopes. Fans of freestyle will be thrilled with the special area to perform jumps on a giant air bag, in complete safety. That’s right, Megève is a skier’s paradise and is waiting to welcome you.

1 destination, 3 passes

Come and enjoy the wide-open stretches of powder snow as far as the eye can see, or glide down the four hundred kilometres of slopes across Megève ski area. Choose a ski pass adapted to your needs, whether you’re looking to vary the pleasures over one day or one week, to really get the most out of this paradise for skiing.

Our Alpine ski passes:

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To get the very most out of your skiing experience…

Take care of yourself!

► Before putting your skis on, remember to warm up and don’t push yourself too hard
► The high altitude can lead to dehydration and the mountain air can leave you exhausted!
Don’t forget to drink and recharge your batteries from time to time
► The whole family should be equipped with a helmet, the essential accessory while skiing
► Megève is a sunny destination… The hot sun feels good on your skin but make sure you remember your ski mask or sunglasses (UV400) and at least factor 30 sun cream
► Check your insurance cover
► Don’t forget to check all your equipment is properly attached before setting off on the slopes
► Think about using Magnestick, an innovative system whereby children can use the cable cars in complete safety and they have added back protection while skiing.
► And above all, remember to stop off at one of the outdoor terraces up on the slopes!

Think of the environment

► You will be crossing natural and fragile areas so make sure you take care of them! You shouldn’t leave behind any trace that you’ve been there. Remember to dispose of all your rubbish in the right containers: there are small chalets or “mazots” with three waste sorting containers.
► The natural environment of Megève is full of magnificent wildlife so please respect it and respect its natural habitat. Please don’t get too close to wild animals and keep dogs on a lead.
► Take advantage of the regular Megbus shuttle services, the buses run on natural gas and offer a free service to Jaillet, Rochebrune, Mont d’Arbois, Cote 2000, Cassioz and Princesse for anyone with a ski pass! Timetable available from Megève Tourisme.

Domaine skiable Megève

The 10 golden rules of the ski area

To ensure that skiing is a pleasurable experience for everyone, we have compiled 10 golden rules to respect in the ski area! Don’t forget: in Megève, you’ll have unlimited access to wide-open spaces. So come and enjoy the mountains and slopes in complete safety with our 10 golden rules!

  • 1

    1 Respect others
    Anyone using the slopes should behave in such a way that no danger or harm comes to anyone else, as a result of their behaviour or equipment.

  • 2

    2 Manage your speed
    Anyone using the slopes must adapt their speed and behaviour depending on their ability, and in accordance with the general conditions of the slopes and the weather, the snow cover and the number of people on the slopes.

  • 3

    3 Decide where you are going
    Those who are at the top of the slopes must choose the direction in which they are going. Their choice must take into account the safety of skiers in their path down below.

  • 4

    4 Overtake safely
    Skiers can overtake each other to the left or the right, before or after, but they should always leave enough space just in case the other skier changes direction.

  • 5

    5 Between slopes or when setting off down a slope
    After stopping or between slopes, all skiers should check up and down the slope if it’s safe to set off, without causing any danger to themselves or to others.

  • 6

    6 Stop on the sides of slopes
    Anyone using the slopes should avoid stopping in narrow areas or areas without visibility: in the event of a fall, move to the side of the slope as quickly as possible.

  • 7

    7 Going up or down a slope on foot
    Anyone who has to go up or down a slope on foot should do so on the side of the slope and make sure that they, or their equipment, are not a danger to others.

  • 8

    8 Read information, markers and signs carefully
    Users must stay updated with weather reports, the condition of the slopes and snow. Markers and signs must be respected.

  • 9

    9 Help each other
    Anyone who sees or is involved in an accident must provide assistance, notably in raising the alert. If needed, and upon request from rescue workers, they must be available to help.

  • 10

    10 Make yourself known
    Anyone who sees or is involved in an accident must provide rescue workers with their details.

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