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Discover the beauty of ski-touring in Megève!
Along our secure ski-touring itineraries or on a nature excursion far from the slopes, we have three good reasons to put on your ski-touring skins and come to Megève this winter.

Ski de randonnée hiver à Megève

“The mountain provides us with the setting…
It’s up to us to come up with the story that goes with it!”

Nicolas Helmbacher

3 Good reasons to go ski-touring in Megève

1. A wide range of itineraries
Whether you’re looking to improve your technique, get some training in or get started, the marked hiking trails are perfect for you! At the Megève Ski Area there are two varied and complementary ski-touring itineraries: In the Mont d’Arbois sector, the “Rand’Arbois” itinerary is ideal for learning ski-touring techniques. Then you can move on to a more sporty slope in the Rochebrune sector, with the “Rando Roche”. At Les Portes du Mont Blanc, there are 12 ski-touring itineraries on offer. Enough to keep you busy for the whole season!

2. A gentle introduction
Megève, with its mountains, warm sun and fir trees… Would this not be the ideal place to come and try out a new outdoor activity? Come and explore this picture-perfect setting and try out ski-touring! If you like walking, admiring the natural environment or you’re just curious, this is the activity for you! Accompanied by an instructor or a guide to help you, Megève is the ideal destination to learn the basics, while admiring the exceptional surroundings.

3. Relive the history of skiing
It’s all about the ski skins! As you may have guessed, skiers didn’t wait for the first ski lifts to be invented to enjoy the mountain slopes. At the beginning of the 20th century, an article called “Megève, ou la glorification du ski” was published in magazine La Montagne. Thanks to this article, the Club Alpin Français began showing great interest in the destination. Megève’s destiny to become an international winter sports resort was set in motion… with ski skins!

But also…

Ski-touring, a trendy winter sport!
Ski-touring actually existed long before Alpine skiing and has recently been revived: now is the time to try out a new skiing technique. Are you looking to try something new? Get an introduction to ski-touring! It couldn’t be easier in Megève, thanks to the marked itineraries and gentle slopes!

Definition of this activity
Ski-touring is a winter sport that consists in exploring the mountains on skis, without using the ski lifts. On the way up, you use ski skins that are attached to the underside of your skis. On the way down, you are rewarded for your efforts, with an enjoyable descent.
So why do people go ski-touring? Well that entirely depends on the skier! For some, it’s to be able to enjoy the untouched and freshly fallen powder snow. For others, it’s about the calm, peace-and-quiet and to connect with nature. For thrillseekers, it’s an adventure, a discovery. And for those looking for a challenge, it’s about the pleasure of pushing your limits. Or why not have all of that at the same time?!

That’s right, everyone is free to choose their own ski-touring technique and to go at their own pace.

And above all don’t forget: safety first!
Some safety recommendations:

  • If you are a beginner, we strongly advise you to get an introduction with a qualified professional (guide or instructor).
  • You should always have the right equipment.
  • Adapt your itinerary to your physical ability, the weather conditions and the time you have for your outing.
  • When ski-touring, you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others.
  • Never set off alone and tell your friends or family which itinerary you are going on.
  • Respect nature and the peace-and-quiet of the environment
Ski de randonnée hiver à Megève

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