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Skiing for pleasure in Megève

Go skiing in Megève and enjoy all the pleasures of this winter sport!
Megève is a historical ski resort with almost 400 km of slopes, in a breath-taking natural environment! Skiing adventures, skiing as a family or stopping off at the sunny mountain terraces, come and discover the very best of skiing with the instructors from Megève’s ski schools.

Skiing in Megève,
a unique experience!

Exceptional ski areas
Go skiing directly from the village. A breath-taking view of the Mont-Blanc mountains. Magical surroundings with fir trees and mountain farms. The two ski areas in Megève, Evasion Mont-Blanc and Les Portes du Mont-Blanc offer 400km of slopes, spread over 200 slopes and endless possibilities for all levels of ability. Jaillet, Rochebrune, Mont d’Arbois, Cote 2000… Take full advantage of all the possibilities on offer in our beautiful mountains.

A magical view
Megève is ideally located at the heart of the Mont-Blanc region, for the best views of the peaks of the Alps. Enjoy a unique 360° spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, including the Aravis, Haut-Giffre and of course the highest peak of Europe.

The perfect sun exposure
Everyone will agree that Megève has exceptional surroundings, but it is the exceptional sunny climate of the destination that convinced Baroness Noémie de Rothschild to create a ski resort in Megève. In the 1950s it was known as “Megève l’ensoleillée” (Sunny Megève) because the peaks, pastures and valleys of Megève enjoy a unique sun exposure meaning you can get the most out of all the pleasures of the winter season. Watch out for the “ski instructor” style sun tan though!

The French “art de vivre” at the peaks
Sunny slopes go hand-in-hand with sunny outdoor terraces! In Megève, there are plenty of high-altitude restaurants across the ski area, with outdoor terraces where you can enjoy the sun and great atmosphere. The sun, great food and a view that will take your breath (not your appetite) away, savour Megève, the international capital of gourmet skiing!

And then Megève created the ski schools…

Megève the initiator
Megève was one of the first resorts in France to develop ski schools, and was behind the boom in winter tourism. In the 1930s, there were already three ski schools in the village!

The beginnings of ski schools
The concept of learning to ski was introduced before the First World War. At the end of the war, Hilaire Morand, Émile Allais and Ulysse Chosalland’s uncle, former members of the Alpine troops, taught the children of the village to ski. At the same time, the Hôtel du Mont d’Arbois was being developed and began recuiting ski instructors. Soon enough, skiing guides felt the need to develop their activity.

First ski school in France
In 1928, the first ideas were put into action and on the 15th March 1930, the “Association des Guides-Skieurs de Megève et Demi-Quartier” was born. This was the very first ski school in France. Tourism in Megève then developed so quickly that other ski schools began to pop up: in 1932, the “École du Ski-Club de Paris” arrived with Swiss and Austrian instructors, and in 1934, the André Ledoux ski school was created.

1 instructor, 3 qualifications!
The industry continued to flourish and soon enough, some of the instructors had 3 different qualifications to their name! One from the Club Alpin Français, one from the Fédération Française de Ski and finally, from the Ecole Centrale de Formation des Moniteurs de Ski, which would then become the École Nationale de Ski et d’Alpinisme. Gold medalist Émile Allais was one of the first 9 instructors to be qualified. Along with Paul Gignoux, he brought about the very first French parallel teaching approach, which would go on to help generations of people learn the basics of skiing. Today, there are more than 500 instructors passing on their wisdom on the slopes of Megève.

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Megève at the very roots of skiing

Did you know? The daring and authentic resort of Megève was in fact the very first ski resort in France, along with Chamonix! Today, as a tribute to its history, Megève attracts a great number of skiers who come to enjoy the 400 km of immaculate white slopes. A revitalising skiing experience facing Mont Blanc, a fun skiing experience with the kids, breaks on the sunny mountain terraces or a sporty skiing experience in the powder snow… in Megève you’ll find the experience that suits you. Read about the history of Megève here.

“I believe that Megève was created for skiing and skiing was created for Megève”

Mathilde Maige-Lefournier, 1913

Megève at the very roots of skiing

The first skiing milestones in Megève

  • 1

    The very first Alpine skiing race

  • 2

    The Aallard “fuseau” stream-lined trousers were invented

  • 3

    The first cable car in the world for skiers!

  • 4

    Emile Allais triple medalist at the World Skiing Championships

Megève, land of legends

Emile Allais

Adrien Duvillard

Henri Duvillard

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