Winter sports

Winter hiking

Experience the magic of winter

Whether you’re on foot or with snowshoes, our pedestrian itineraries are just waiting to be explored…
Admire the sheer beauty of your surroundings and experience the magic of winter, as you wander around fir trees, across Alpine pastures, over ridges and peaks! Find out about our snowshoe hikes, pedestrian trails and pedestrian passes right here.

Pedestrian passes

For a walk along the ridges, a snowshoe hike, a coffee break or lunch up in the mountains, an Evasion Piéton pass means you can enjoy the Megève ski area and the unique views, without skis!

The advantages of a pedestrian pass:

► Landscapes and viewpoints

► Access the high-altitude restaurants

► Access the high-altitude pedestrian trails

► Access the Village des Lutins (Elves Village) at Rochebrune peak
(village is free to access – fun area with entertainment)

► Access the LALUGE sledging area at the Princesse cable car intermediate station (1 sledging descent free with every 1-day Evasion Pedestrian pass*)

► Access to some group lessons

Area of validity for the pedestrian pass:

Aerial tramwayCable carsChairlifts
– Rochebrune
– Rocharbois
– Chamois
– Caboche
– Mont d’Arbois
– Princesse
– Jaillet St Gervais – Bettex
– Bettex – Mont d’Arbois
– Montjoie
– La gorge
– Le signal
– Alpette (ascent only)
– Petite Fontaine
– Chef Lieu
– Beauregard
– Perthuis
– Christomet (ascent only)
– Grande rare
– Tête du Torraz

*descentes supplémentaires en vente directement aux caisses de la Princesse

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