21st Entretiens de Médecine Aérospatiale de Megève

The 21st Entretiens de Médecine Aérospatiale de Megève will deal with the topic of diabetes and fitness to fly.

Offered by : Mairie de Megève

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The morning session will be chaired by Didier DELAITRE, BEA (Paris-Le Bourget), and the afternoon session by René GERMA, DGAC medical centre (Paris).


09.00: Opening Address (Brigitte GUIDEZ, President of SOFRAMAS)
09.15: Definitions, Aetiologies, Pathogenic Thresholds, Screening for complications (Sophie GRILLOT, CHI Mont-Blanc Sallanches)
09.50: Epidemiology of diabetes in flight crew (Patricia MARUANI, DGAC medical centre
10.50: Diabetes Treatments. Proven benefits and risks to avoid (Lyse Bordier, HIA Bégin)
11.25: Diabetes. Working together to ensure fitness to fly.

Afternoon SCHEDULE:

14.00: Prevention of aviation accidents: Diabetes avoids the worst (Dider DELAITRE, BEA Paris-Le Bourget)
14.35: Insulin-requiring diabetes and the LAPL (Michel CUPA, President of CMAC DGAC Paris)
15.10: Diabetes and cabin crew (Brigitte GUIDEZ, Occupational Health Professional, Air France Industries Paris)
15.45: Diabetes and Fitness to Fly (Olivier MANEN, CPEMPN Paris Clamart)
16.20: Conclusions (Michel CUPA, President of CMAC Paris)

Salle des Congrès du Palais
247 route du Palais des Sports 74120 Megève Localize


Adult: 55 €.

Opening periods

Friday 5 July 2019 between 9 am and 5 pm.