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Advanced Trail Running - Day

From 45 €

You would like to prepare for a race, improve your effort management, have a better foot position in order to improve cushioning and shock absorption, a better stride and save energy?

Offered by : Bureau des guides

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From 10 to 30km; 600 to 1,500 metres positive altitude différence, and more.

Groups: Day > Every Thursday in the season
or every day with private guide hire (subject to the availability of the guide); also possible by the half-day.

You are a good runner, and you would like to prepare for a competition or improve your physical capacity.
With personalized coaching, adapted sessions (trail running race, micro circuit, programming training, physical preparation, muscle strengthening, stretching).

Come and get away from it all with us!

From 15 years old
76 rue Ambroise Martin 74120 Megève Localize


Adult: 45 € (full day, 5 people minimum)
Fee: 220 € (fulle day, 8 people max).

Opening periods

From 02/07 to 30/11, daily between 8 AM and 4 PM.
Contact us for more information.