Water trail : 8 fountains, 2 torrents

1km Distance
18m Level difference
1h15 Duration

In the heart of the Village. You can discover the history of Megève's water, its fountains and torrents. Recommended to people of reduced mobility and for families with small children ; also possible with a pushchair.

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To the right of the town hall you will notice the 1st Cintra Fountain; cross the street and walk up the “Quai de Prieuré” alongside the “Nant de Cordes” (Aalard boutique on your right). At the end of this street you will see the old Lorraine “Maz” bridge; continue on your right in the direction of the church, to reach the Saint Paul Square, here is the Church Fountain.
Cross the old bridge and follow the “Rue Saint Jean” until you arrive at the angle with the Bistrot Fountain.
Continue along the same street until you reach the Foutain at the Resistance Square (down the rink stairs) and follow the Clavaire stairs on the right. After a few meters you will arrive at the original site of the Saint Michel spring, down the Croix Saint Michel.
Go back and take the “Rue Charles Feige”. Opposite the Bistrot Fountain follow the “Rue d’Arly” (which continues after having crossed the “Rue Saint François”) where you will discover an old washhouse (admire the carpentry).
Continue on the road that makes an angle with the “Rue d’Arly” (“Passage des Cinq Rues”), and turn right at the “Cinq Rues” Jazz Club which makes the angle to continue by the little street, the “Comtes de Capré”. Just before the Megève Museum cross the Cordes torrent and return to the village square by the town hall.
Continue to the right by the “Rue Ambroise Martin”, between the town halls of Megève and Demi-Quartier (fortress). Continue until you reach the crossroads with the “Rue de la Poste”, where you will discover the “Maison de la Montagne” Fountain. Take the “Rue
de la Poste” for about 100 meters, turn left just before the Glapet torrent, and take the little bridge where you will see the Glapet Fountain opposite Megève Tourism. Go up the cobble stone ramp by Megève Tourism.
When you are level with the “Rue Monseigneur Conseil” you will see the Megève Tourism Fountain. Continue along the “Rue Monseigneur Conseil” in the direction of the church: pass the little bridge and you will arrive the “Traineaux” Fountain at the foot of
the church.


Free of charge

Opening periods

From 01/05 to 30/09: open every day.


  • Pets welcome

Adpated tourism

  • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance