Ensemble Improvisation Concert

Come and see a unique concert from the world renowned "Ensemble Improvisation".
This duo is comprised of cellist Natalia Ermakova, Teacher at the Conservatoire Régional de Laval, and Eric Blin, classical accordion player.

Offered by : Eglise Saint Jean-Baptiste

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On the programme: Moussorgski, Beethoven, Dvorak, Bach, Vivaldi, etc.

Since its creation in 2003, the Ensemble Improvisation (varied and original duo) have had a thriving career, performing all over Europe and North America. "Their strong personality, beautiful sounds, great precision, flaunted with flair and imagination, their bewitching depth" have been praised by international media, and hailed by the public. The musicians of the 'Ensemble Improvisation' have had a highly successful career, with some superb achievements. They have performed at the most prestigious venues and are frequently invited to play at some of the greatest French and foreign music festivals. In their performances, they explore numerous angles, styles and a wealth of scores thanks to their musical curiosity, and a harmonious blend of their repertoire with some great upcoming masterpieces. It is of great importance for 'Ensemble Improvisation' to share and to meet new people, they are open to discussions with the public and strive to develop long-term projects.

Eglise Saint Jean-Baptiste
Place du village 74120 Megève Localize


Free to participate.

Opening periods

Saturday 22 August 2020 between 8.30 pm and 10 pm.