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Eisstock is a winter sport and has common points to curling.
It is a traditional sport done in the alpine countries such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and considered in France as the petanque on ice.

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History: this sport is very old, we find a track in the XVIth century on a picture of the painter Pieter Brueghel, but its organization remains precarious. It is in the 1930s that Germans decided to create their federation (1934) and to organize a championship two years later.
The first European championships took place in 1951 and world championships from 1983, after the creation of the
International Federation Ice Stock Sport (IFE).
Rules of the game: 2 teams oppose, each being provided with disks (Eisstöcke) possessing a thirty centimeter handle. The goal is to throw it as close as possible to a rubber puck.

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€20 per person.
€105 per hour for the professional manager
€156 per hour for the ice-rink or €45 for the curling track.

Opening periods

All year round, daily except on May 1st.

On demand.


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