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Discover this little-known sport at the Palais indoor ice-rink.

Offered by : Service Jeunesse et Sports

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So what is curling? It's a team game of skill, of physical and mental resistance, and is played on a frozen surface, 44.50m long and 4.75m wide, called a curling sheet. A curler's equipment consists of sports clothing, a pair of shoes (one sliding and one anti-skidding shoe), a broom and stones. A game is between 2 teams of 4 players and is rather like "pétanque" (French bowls) on ice!

Complément réservation :
Initiation by appointment with Agnès Mercier on 04 50 58 76 50


One price: 30 € (per person).

Opening periods

From 26/10/2020 to 16/05/2021, daily except on November 11th.
Winter season only
you need to book.