Joseph's Farm

Joseph's Farm welcomes you to his herds on his farm to revitalise you with the most beautiful view of the village of Megève. Home cooking and products made with cows' milk. Peasant palace experience guaranteed.

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Joseph's Farm, close to the village centre, was designed by the owner, Mr. Joseph Socquet, an active and passionate farmer.
The herd of 50 cows allows us to offer a shop filled with products made with milk: cheese, yogurt, butter, cream, double cream, ice cream, Beaufort tart...
The local culinary creations of our friends and neighbors are also present and vary according to the harvests.
Our restaurant area offers probably the most beautiful view of the village.
Menus that are adapted to the seasons are once again rewarding the work of our productive 4-legged stars: raclette, fondue, Savoy cassoulet, Pagu salad ... not to mention some of the treats from our childhood: rice pudding, French toast, meringues, Norwegian omelettes, babas with Genepi liqueur...
The appetizers, the terrace, the old record player, the chef Baptiste preparing his dishes with a good dose of love, Pierre Henry, welcoming each guest with a good dose of humour ... all the ingredients have been assembled for a good time.
And because we are grateful for what the land offers us, we are committed to the L. Dicaprio Foundation and donate a share of all our farm products.
Many other development projects combining flavour and sharing are planned before the end of 2018:
- a new construction to cocoon our livestock.
- a chicken coop and a summer menu based on eggs.
- alpine events during Montagner.
- a boules area
- a secret...
- a surprise...

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