Le Cocon de Lily

Le Cocon de Lily accompanies you at your home, in a friendly and personalised manner, all along your new parenthood, pre and postnatal, with tips and professional advice ensuring your serenity and well-being.

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Whether you are still pregnant or carrying your little treasure in your arms, don't let yourself be overwhelmed by a mountain of questions and an avalanche of doubts: How to register the birth? Which appointment, with whom and when? What preparation for the labour and delivery? Which push chair to choose? How to harness the baby sling? How to arrange the baby's bedroom? What is the most suitable type of child-care? How to give your baby a bath or a massage? A birth list, why not, but how? A birth project, why, for whom? And why not a baby shower?
You, your personal story, your pregnancy, your expectations and needs are unique. My role is to accompany you, at your home, with the utmost kindliness, in a personalized and objective manner, leaving you serene to make the different choices and decisions required of a new parent.

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