Rochebrune Climbing rock

Natural rock including many climbing routes of different levels from 2 to 7. Initiation and supervision on request via the Bureau des Guides.

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Access path from the "Route de Lady", a 30-min walk. There is no topo of this rock.
Starting altitude: 1400m
Difficulty/ grade: from 3 to 7b+
Number of routes: from left to right, about 30.
- 1st sector: level 2 to 4. Equipped at mid-face with rings for top ropes. Access to the summit possible by a path at the left.
- 2nd sector: Upper part levels 3, 4 and 5c. The routes: "La Dalle" and "La directe supérieure"...
- 3rd sector: several successive bulges, from 3 to 6b. Relay chains. The routes: "La grotte"(6b) on the left edge of a large crevasse...
- 4th sector: 3 overhanging routes, with large holds, of which "L'angle" (5c), "La super angle" (6b). Further to the right: "Le dièdre gris (6a), then after the hut, to the left of a large roof, the routes 6a and 7a, "Double zéro (7b), "Triple zéro" (7a), "Temps d'un regard" (6c), "Level 42" (7a), "Orage oh désespoir" (7a, 6c on the right).
- 5th sector (the south face): "Chambre avec vue" (6c), "El chico" (6b), "La Milou" (5b), "Le pillier" (4c).
Height of site: 20 to 40m
Rock quality: schist and limestone. Broken rock, generally very steep.
Exposition: north-west
Time to walk there: 15 mins
Technical advice: allow one day to dry out after rain.

Opening periods

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