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Slalom Courses

Mad about slalom? This course will provide you with the technical advice to develop a smoother, precise ski in both slalom and giant slalom.
With multiple timed tests, you will be able to correct your errors and take seconds off your time. Improve your rating for the Ski Open.

Offered by : Ecole du Ski Français

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Minimum 14 years old and Flèche de Vermeil level.


From 23/12/2018 to 04/01/2019
Teenager: 274 € (6 afternoons).

From 07/01 to 08/02/2019 (Low season)
Teenager: 102 € (Weekend only).

From 10/02 to 10/03/2019 (High season)
Teenager: 274 € (6 afternoons).

From 11/03 to 14/04/2019 (Low season)
Teenager: 102 € (Weekend only).