Whether for a coffee and croissant at the crack of dawn, a salad or pizza at any time of the day, a cup of tea or mug of mulled wine in the afternoon or an aperitif with friends, Spaggiari is the must place to go in Megève.

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Spaggiari in Megève?

After opening the TIGrr Megève in December 2013, and the TIGrr Saint Tropez in May 2014, Jérome Foucaud, Philippe Di Méo and the gang have seized the gangster universe of the seventies to create Spaggiari , a new lair combining conviviality and fun mockery.
In this venue whose logo would indicate a café, pizzeria and cocktail bar, the blood that flows is none other than a delicious tomato sauce!

Between bank and hideout.

A former bank that had become an Italian delicatessen was the ideal venue for Spaggiari .
From early in the morning till late in the evening you can catch sight of different characters passing through the "police film" ambiance of this many faceted theatre of life.
Whether to enjoy a coffee at the crack of dawn, a salad or pizza at lunchtime, a tea or mulled wine during the afternoon, or an aperiftif with friends on the terrace or in the bar, the Spaggiari is the Megève HQ.

Film decor.

In this gangster film atmosphere, half way between the "Tontons Flingueurs" (Crooks in Clover) and "Sin City", Philippe de Méo let his imagination run riot, between the 1940s bank decor, the safe vault, gambling dens etc… to create a stage set designed right down to the last millimeter: square mahogany tables lit by little brass and glass tube bankers' lamps to spend the long evenings at the dinner table, "BANG BANG" signs in white neon lighting to incite a melody to be played in the basement, large travertine stone slabs on the floor and walls, and for the bank-counter, touches of bronze and brass on the surface…

In the kitchen, the pizza chefs get busy and we sit at the counter to be in a better position to spy on their acts and movements.
In the basement, stainless steel railings protect the safes.

Hold up in the kitchen

It's not raining down bullets at Spaggiari , just traditional tomato sauce onto the pizzas riddled with juicy black olives!
Here the pizza dough is left to rise for 5 hours and is embellished with products coming straight from Italy.
And for those who are less courageous, there are the smaller bills, salads and antipasti.
At nightfall, the SPAGGIARI unveils a new facet of its personality attracting night birds with its cocktails and Italian liqueurs: Spritz, Amaretto, martini...

Opening periods

All year round, daily between 8 am and 11 pm.
Continuous service.


  • Restaurant
  • Takeaway/cooked dishes