Sporting activities

ESF - Snowboard training

Whatever your style or level, our qualified professionals will teach you how to ride safely and with maximum enjoyment. Group classes from 8 years.

Offered by : Ecole du Ski Français

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Join our team of inspired professionals! From beginners through experts, our instructors will be sure to share their knowledge and their technique.
Helmet compulsory and wrist protections recommended.
Minimum of 5 participants.


You can reserve online directly through
Phone +33 4 50 21 00 97


  • School Holidays: From 21th December 2019 to 05 January 2020 and from 8th February to 8th March 2020 From Sunday to Friday Beginner to 2nd Snow (from 2.35pm to 5pm) : 217€ Meeting point in all ESF Offices 3rd Snow (from 1.35pm to 5pm) : 308€ Meeting point in Caboche
  • Outside of school holidays: From 6th January to 7th February and from 9th March to 12th April 2020 From Monday to Friday between 10am and 12.55pm Beginner to 2nd snow : 176€ Meeting point in Caboche

Opening periods

From 08/02 to 08/03/2020.
Closed on Saturday.

From 09/03 to 12/04/2020.
Closed Saturday and Sunday.