Sporting activities

ESF - Ski Tests & Races

Slaloms (the Chamois), Giant slaloms (the Flèche), S-Giant (Fusée), Skiercross, Jumps (the Aiglon)

Offered by : Ecole du Ski Français

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The ESF organises weekly downhill skiing events: Arrow, Chamois, Rocket, Skiercross, Aiglon.
Alone, with family or friends, for performance or pleasure, come and start the chronometer and enter the ranking!
Minimum level: golden star

En fonction de l'enneigement. Nous contacter 74120 Megève Localize


Security and speed, reserve directly on our website


One price: 13 €
Multi-session tickets: 41 €.

Opening periods

From 21/12/2019 to 12/04/2020, daily.

Subject to snow conditions.